We work with

Technical expertise and online presence: The technical aspects, and online presence is being provided by some of the finest located in Australia, Canada, UK and USA.  

Administration: The administrative aspects are performed in Australia. We solicit articles, perform preliminary check for compliance, conduct similarity check using iThenticate for plagiarism, invite appropriate reviewers and editors, and act as communicators between authors, reviewers and editors.  We also take care of the publication of the final product. 

Printing: Printing of hardcover copies of books is made possible via various printing partners in Australia. With their state-of-the art technology they ensure that the books are of high quality.

Postage and handling: We use DHL for reliable delivery of our books.

Archival: We archive the electronic contents in Portico.

Doi: We use CrossRef to collect, assign and deposit digital object identifiers (doi).


Plagiarism Check: We use iThenticate to check for plagiarism