Publish your book

If you wish to publish your book as Expert Brief or Expert Monograph, please contact  with the subject line 'Book publishing'. Include a summary of the proposed book, not exceeding 100 words, and sign off with your full credentials including a valid phone number. No other information is necessary. One of our commissioning editors will contact you within 48 hours for further discussion.

Expert Briefs are focused, high-quality, authoritative eBooks on a single subject. They can be written by a single author or a group of authors, not exceeding five. Expert Briefs typically contain about 20,000 words including abstract, figure legends, references, preface, foreword and index. Depending on the number of figures and tables, this will be approximately 50-70 pages in the final published form. Expert Briefs should be organized into separate chapters, with references at the end of each chapter.

Expert Monographs are also focused, high-quality, authoritative eBooks on a single subject similar to Expert Briefs, but they typically contain about 30,000 – 40,000 words.

All submissions will undergo plagiarism check and independent expert peer review. If the reviewers agree, they will be identified in the published book.

Accepted books will have an ISBN and DOI. The book will be published as PDF. The authors will retain the copyright. The book will be open access, freely available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY NC 4.0).

An Expert Brief or Expert Monograph might include:

• An in-depth analysis of a disease mechanism or its management
• Cutting-edge advances in biomedical research or patient care
• A snapshot of emerging topics
• Clinical guidelines and best practices
• An in-depth case study or clinical example
• A series of short case studies
• Any relevant topics as mutually agreed

Publishing Fee for Expert Brief 

The publishing fee for an Expert Brief of up to 20,000 words is USD 2,500. This cost for a 50-70 page eBook is unapproachably lower than the typical cost of an online-only open access journal article which is typically 9-15 pages. For Expert Monographs, please contact us for the cost.

Why is a fee charged?

A fee is charged to cover the costs of book production and making it freely available to the public. The typical costs associated with the production of a book include unrestricted free open access, technology, book processing and post-publication activities.

Unrestricted free open access: All publications are freely available to the public. Anyone with an access to internet can access, read and download your articles without any restrictions.

Technology: Online presence requires a publication platform, hosting, necessary security features and email services.

Book processing: Receiving book proposals, preliminary check of manuscript to ensure adherence to guidelines, plagiarism check, communicating between authors/reviewers, organizing peer review, receiving revised manuscripts, copyediting, implementing corrections by authors, type setting, layout editing, proof reading, graphic design, cover design, assigning DOI to articles, reference checking, assigning DOI to references, indexing, adding metadata to agreed industry standards, purchasing ISBN and barcodes, and project management.

Post publication activities: Permanent preservation using Portico and other service providers, applying for indexing in various repositories, book promotion and continued online presence.