Our focus and scope: We publish peer-reviewed books and journals in the field of biomedicine and life/health sciences. Our focus is to provide a high-quality publishing service to our authors, and contents to the scientific community. Our scope is to become the go-to publisher for high quality publications. 

Our promise: We promise that we will put our authors first. We will ensure that our publications are of the highest quality. We will never compromise on quality. 

Our location: We are in Australia, in the state of Queensland, registered under ABN 66856928087. 

Our scientists: We believe real-life scientists who have extensive research experience and publication track record will understand the need, and meaning, of quality publications better than those without research experience and publication track record. Codon Publications is a service for scientists by scientists. The founder of Codon Publications, Dr. Chris Morais has over two decades of experience in basic science and clinical research, including phase I-III clinical trial monitoring, and has extensively published. Under his leadership, a team of scientists will ensure that publications are of the highest quality. 

Our Team: We have brought together some of the finest from Australia, Canada, UK and USA to provide the best publishing experience possible. Please see ‘we work with' for more information. 

Our publications: We publish open access journals and books. We also provide bespoke publishing service to researchers and health care professionals.  

Our publishing formats: Our publications are available as electronic versions, and as print on demand hard cover copies.

Our publishing credentials: On 22 April 2014, we began our operations with the launch of our first journal, Journal of Kidney Cancer and VHL (JKCVHL). The journal is now indexed in PubMed. We published our first book in November 2015. Our books are indexed in NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf, PubMed, and Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) Web of Science Book Citation Index. See here for more information on PubMed-indexing of book chapters. This demonstrates our dedication to providing high quality service to our authors, and contents to the scientific community.  

Our cost: Our costs will always be competitive. See ‘fee’ for more information.